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Katy Peters brings to the conversation not only her vast array of nursing expertise, but her innate compassion and a long history of service to the health and wellbeing of people around the world.

Heavily influenced by her father’s early life experiences on staff in Zambia with Voluntary Services Overseas, Katy was determined to pursue a career in medical aid services with the aim of bringing relief to those most in need. Katy set her sights on international nursing.

“Very few people understand travel health like Katy…”

Dr Lizzy Tuckey, 360 Health

From a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in the Caribbean to setting up a school health clinic in an Indian monastery,  Katy further expanded her growing skill set. As a result, in (2007) the world-renowned, international, independent, medical humanitarian aid organization Medecins Sans Frontieres offered her a position as an Outreach Nurse in the Democratic republic of Congo.

Whilst in Congo, Katy spent nine months managing MSF and ministry of health supported clinics, whilst overseeing the triage, assessment and treatment of vulnerable populations in isolated communities by way of mobile clinics. 2007/2008 saw mass measles and cholera outbreaks, Katy worked alongside the international and national team to monitor and assess the outbreak, response and resulting mass vaccination of the Katanga region.

After nine months overseas and having recently completed a diploma in Tropical Nursing from the London School of Hygiene and tropical medicine,  Katy accepted an offer to set up what would become the largest private travel clinic in London.

Based on the success of her first co-founded business London Travel Clinic, Katy launched London Vaccination Clinic, which now runs 7 clinics in central London, with a wider UK clinic and service expansion planned for 2019.

In addition to her vast clinical and business experience, Katy has served as a coach, educator, and speaker. From vaccinations and immunization education, to travel medicine, Katy’s natural, dynamic and charismatic communication style has brought countless individuals and groups to a deeper and more accessible understanding of health and wellness.

Katy speaks on:

  • Global Travel Health Issues
  • Immunisation & Vaccination
  • Health Business
  • Nurse & Health Professional Wellbeing
  • Motivational talks on achieving your goals as a woman, a mother and a nurse!

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“We all want the same thing; the Mother, Father, Brother or friend in the bush in the Congo wants what I want, what we all want, to be safe, to be nourished, to be well and to keep those we love from harm.”

Katy Peters

The Global Vaccination Summit

A divisive topic, with so many deeply held opinions. 

The Global Vaccination Summit is now live. This free online event presents a balanced view of the contentious issues around vaccination.  Should we?  Shouldn’t we?  Why do the emotions run so deep? What does the science really say, or not say? Is there a solution that fits all?

Katy Peters, presents the Global Vaccination Summit.

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