Immunization Manifesto.

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Personally I have chosen vaccination for my family, but that is not right for every family, everyone, with capacity has the right to informed consent, ultimately the right to choose.

Anything exception to this undermines the Nuremberg Code core principles of informed and unambiguous consent.

In the West we are privileged enough to have this choice, we can weigh up the risk/benefit ratio for our family, in the majority of cases we can rely on the absence or rarity or vaccine preventable diseases to protect our loved ones. In developing countries this is not the case. Vaccines are not widely available and if they are the process of informed consent is meagre if present at all. Why? Information should be universal.

I believe that with access to all the information parents will choose bespoke approach to vaccination and that the power of that informed yet instinctive decision will produce the results we need; herd immunity to protect the vulnerable and a significant reduction in vaccine related damage to health.

Consider these two statements:

Vaccinations can cause harm – Fact

Vaccinations can protect from harm – Fact

So where is the middle ground? What would the world look like without vaccinations?

What would the UK or America look like if we stopped all vaccinations?

How would the conversation change if all vaccinations were safe, or safer?

What about organic, adjuvant free vaccinations, is this a possibility?

I want to open up the possibility of having an inclusive conversation, a meeting of minds, with our intention being to find middle ground for the good of humanity and our end goal to provide clear, impartial guidelines on vaccination for all parents all over the world. So that they can make an informed decision about what they are choosing for their children and be respected and autonomous in that decision.

The Global Vaccination Summit

A divisive topic, with so many deeply held opinions. 

The Global Vaccination Summit is coming now live.  The free online event presents a balanced view of the contentious issue of vaccinations.  Should we?  Shouldn’t we?  Why do the emotions run so deep?  What does the science say?

Katy Peters, presents the Global Vaccination Summit.

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