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Katy Peters is a world-class consultant on immunisation, travel health and health business issues.  Katy is available as a consultant world-wide either to teach in person, or consult via teleconference.

“Very few people understand travel health like Katy… she’s THE authority on vaccinations.”

Dr. Lizzie Tuckey, London Vaccination Clinic


Daily rate £895 a day for group classes (max 20) plus expenses for travel to your site.

Full resource pack provided. (this equates to £89.50 per delegate for the two day course which is the most cost effective on the market)

Katy teaches the following courses available for Gp’s, registered nurses, practice nurses, pharmacists and anyone else with a special interest.

  1. Travel health update – one day course *
  2. New to travel health – 2 day course *
  3. Immunization update – one day course *
  4. New to immunization – 2 day course

*These course are also available as bespoke online face to face courses with Katy £495 day. (max 2 people)

Certificates will be provided plus one 30 minute skype check in for Q and A and progress review.

Face to face classroom based course are also available to book throughout the year! Watch this space for updates.

£285 per person for the two day course

£135 per person for one day course


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“We all want the same thing; the Mother, Father, Brother or friend in the bush in the Congo wants what I want, what we all want, to be safe, to be nourished, to be well and to keep those we love from harm.”

Katy Peters


Vaccination consultation for parents via skype or telephone.

£125 per hour

Katy will review your child’s current vaccination and medical history, discuss your health and parenting approach and advise you on your options. Katy will provide you with necessary resources to further inform your choice.

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The Global Vaccination Summit

A divisive topic, with so many deeply held opinions. 

The Global Vaccination Summit is now live. This free online event presents a balanced view of the contentious issues around vaccination.  Should we?  Shouldn’t we?  Why do the emotions run so deep? What does the science really say, or not say? Is there a solution that fits all?

Katy Peters, presents the Global Vaccination Summit.

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