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Katy Peters, Founder and Director of the London Vaccination Clinic, is a fresh, balanced and experienced voice in the vaccination and travel health industry.

Katy has a firm belief that every parent should have the unbiased information necessary to make an informed decision regarding the risk/benefit ratio of vaccination for their children.

Katy is equally passionate about the power of vaccinations to save lives– especially in developing countries. This passion was born in her own words from a “baptism of fire” over a decade ago deep in the Congolese Bush.

Her journey began in her work as an outreach nurse for Medecins sans frontiers in the Congolese bush. Part of her team’s role was outbreak surveillance and over the recent weeks they had seen a worrying increase in measles cases.  Measles is one of the world’s most contagious (preventable) diseases. There is a 92-98% chance of infection in unvaccinated people. The lethal combination of low vaccination coverage, poor child health and local cultural practices created the perfect storm for a widespread and devastating measles outbreak………..

A mass vaccination campaign of the entire region was instigated. In the searing heat the team transported thousands of vaccines by motorbike to isolated villages in the Congolese bush, carrying everything with them whilst meticulously maintaining the vaccine cold chain.

They reached remote villages to be met by desperate families dealing with the consequences of this disease. The team vaccinated over 2000 children and treated countless more across the region, saving many lives.

After 10 months in the Congo she left her ‘new home’ with one clear realization:

“We all want the same thing; the Mother, Father, Brother or friend in the bush in the Congo wants what I want, what we all want, to be safe, to be nourished, to be well and to keep those we love from harm.”

Katy Peters

Katy believes that globally everyone has a right to vaccination but more so, everyone has the right to clear and impartial information and choice. Those of us in Western countries have the benefit of herd immunity that protect the vulnerable among us. Parents in developing countries do not have the ability to rely on herd immunity–for these parents, vaccinations are nothing short of a miracle.

Her life-changing experience in the Congo spurred her on to pursue studies in travel health at the Royal college of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow where she was awarded the Cameron Lockie prize for academic excellence. Although she earned a  diploma in tropical nursing from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, travel health from the perspective of the traveller was new to Katy.

Her eyes were opened to an exciting new field that combine her two passions–good health and safe travel for everyone. Over the past decade Katy has been on the forefront of major inroads into the growing global travel health industry that includes millions of visits from the UK abroad every year.

Inspired to ensure vaccinations for every traveler, she single-handedly built a nurse-led company called London Vaccination Clinic that introduced an exciting and innovative model to the market. Her company fills the gap that physicians are challenged to bridge when it comes to providing efficient and timely travel vaccinations for their patients.

London Vaccination Clinic has successfully transformed the industry with its high tech, digital health care services. They provide efficient, often last minute, highly accessible vaccination education and services for the working Londoner and family.   

Within the first 12 months they had grown to 6 locations. Presently her company has expanded to 12 locations in London alone to meet the growing demands of global tourism. These now include medical, volunteer and other types of tourism that have changed the landscape of travel in the 21st century.

Katy is now a recognized expert in the health travel industry known for her big hearted, engaging and fun speaking style. She trains doctors, nurses and pharmacists all over the UK and beyond. Her unique selling point…she promises to teach her students in 30 minutes, vaccine requirements for every country in the world in such a way that they know if by heart!

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“There are ways we as travellers can support countries and ways we can destroy them. This is an area we need to address. We can do this by providing clear information to would be travellers via the press, ticket and travel companies, universities, travel guides and through our risk assessments and consultations in travel health.”

Katy Peters

The Global Vaccination Summit

A divisive topic, with so many deeply held opinions. 

The Global Vaccination Summit is now live. This free online event presents a balanced view of the contentious issues around vaccination.  Should we?  Shouldn’t we?  Why do the emotions run so deep? What does the science really say, or not say? Is there a solution that fits all?

Katy Peters, presents the Global Vaccination Summit.

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