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Globally, I believe that every parent should be able to choose what they want for their children, independently and autonomously, supported by comprehensive, clear, unbiased information.  My mission is to see this approach delivered for everyone no matter the circumstances, continent, or country.

The first step is to calm the vaccination conversation down, let’s step back and listen to every voice and find the common ground. We all want what’s best for children, let’s create the possibility that we can come together to listen and share our knowledge and create an outcome that is inspirational for everyone.




Katy Peters, Founder and Director of the London Vaccination Clinic, is a fresh, balanced and experienced voice in the vaccination and travel health industry.




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Katy Peters is the fresh voice for travel health, immunisation and vaccination.  Read her manifesto to understand Katy’s vision for the future of global health.


About Katy Peters

Katy Peters, CEO of the London Vaccination Clinic, is a fresh, balanced voice in the vaccination and travel health industry.

Katy has a firm belief that every parent should have the unbiased education necessary to make an informed decision regarding the risk versus benefit ratio of vaccination for their children.

Katy is equally passionate about the power of vaccinations to save lives– especially in developing countries. This passion was born in what she terms “quite the baptism of fire” over a decade ago deep in the Congo…

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“There are ways we as travellers can support countries and ways we can destroy them. This is an area we need to address. We can do this by providing clear information to would be travellers via the press, ticket and travel companies, universities, travel guides and through our risk assessments and consultations in travel health.”

Katy Peters

The Global Vaccination Summit

A divisive topic, with so many deeply held opinions. 

The Global Vaccination Summit is now online. This free online event presents a balanced view of the contentious issues around vaccination.  Should we?  Shouldn’t we?  Why do the emotions run so deep? What does the science really say, or not say? Is there a solution that fits all?

Katy Peters, presents the Global Vaccination Summit.

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